Introduction: Welcome to the Styx-House-Club!

So, you finally made it here… Don’t be shy! Here, take a seat; either by the cozy fireplace or at the light-flooded glass facade with its marvelous view of the mighty Arthranic gorge. I really don´t mind! Or you could, of course, sit outside on the sunlit terrace which high above overlooks the impenetrable palm roofs of the Myrra Jungle down below, and which´s ivory steps are comfortably warmed up even late in the evening by the brilliant light from the older one of the two twin suns. And from there you can also finally see the sparkling shine of River Styx far in the distance on the violet-gray horizon. You know, it´s the namesake of my exquisite club which is build on the border between reality and what in truth lies beyond.

But however you choose, don’t be discouraged, sit down with the other guests and listen to their countless stories! My illustrious visitors come from all over the world and even from the regions far behind the border. So they can share a lot of strange tales and many exciting rumours… Some stories will be sad, some will be funny, most will be strange and terrifying, but always they will never fail to capture a living beating heart! Haha! That I´ll guarantee. So come, sit down with us, stranger, and rest from your strenuous journey, at least for a while. For you will see, my small, but all the more excellent establishment can offer you much more entertainment than just mindless drinking and… fleeting acquaintances. So sit down, sit down and listen to the stories of the eternal hinterland, which lies at the last river before the final border! Welcome, friend, to Rain`s Styx-House-Club!

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