Lain´s Adventures Volume I

Lain wanders into the park… The journey begins.
The path leads suddenly into a dark forest. Which magical creatures will Lain encounter on his adventure?
Found an old inscription about the mystical creatures which are rumoured to lurk in these forsaken woods. Lain has been warned. Will he proceed?
I have forsaken civilization. The wood’s calling tremors in my blood. I have to bid you farewell friends …
A cool resting place gives comfort on my strenous journey…
Finally! Ive found him! The lake in the woods! The fables have been true all along…
A fish! Wonderful!
The weary old man leans into the water and cools his hot bones with an icecold sip
Heavens! Emboldened by the strange feeding ritual of an ancient race the common people only call “boomers”, the water dragons emerge from their eternaly wet lair and take on the conquest of our dry lands!
Instead of foolishly throwing away his life against an undefeatable evil Lain has chosen to upkeep his honour by the way of valiant retreat

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